Traveling is what cemented in me a love for photography. Back when I was terrified of working with people, I’d find refuge in composing landscapes. I still remember standing in front of the Grand Tetons and making the first photograph that I knew was good. The second I took that frame, I knew I’d found something I wouldn’t soon lose.


I love showing my travel work, because these images carry stories that even I don’t believe sometimes. From photographing the Liffey River from Bono’s penthouse in Dublin to stumbling upon secret beaches in Maine (of which I swore never to reveal the location, lest they be spoiled), the insanity of it all is almost too much. I don’t share the stories to sell prints, but rather to inspire others to seek out stories of their own. The world makes more sense the more you see of it, and it’s a hell of an adventure the whole way around.


There’s a lot of fear in the world. Fear of other places, fear of other peoples. I can’t help but think that if we were able to have a meal with someone in their home on the other side of the world, we’d be less likely to turn around and support a bombing campaign at their doorstep. I can’t facilitate that, but I hope to at least inspire an interest in the parts of the world we don’t get to see every day. Small change adds up.


The World | Selected Views is made to bring all of those ideas back home. They’re a perfect way to let your mind wander to places you’ll someday remember.


Open-edition prints available.