Shapes, Volume I is a series of fifty-two images created over a span of six years. It has been my constant haven, the project that I keep coming back to and can’t let go. With Volume II beginning production in 2019, it was finally time to close the book on Volume I.

The goal.

When I started this series, I knew I wanted to do a public showing. Being in the Midwest and surrounded by conservative influences, it took me five years to gather the courage to do so…and I was met with nothing but gratitude. Even in this bastion of repressiveness (perhaps especially so), we are drawn to beauty and to the nude form.


I created Shapes to extricate nudity from sexuality – to cause the viewer to see beautiful patterns and motion before realizing they’re seeing a nude photograph, thereby stripping away the stigma that surrounds nude photography.


As the series has gained attention nationwide through showings in the Midwest and at Superfine! DC, Shapes has begun to accomplish what it set out to do back in 2012: break down the stigma of nude art and celebrate the human form for the amazing thing that it is. The limited edition prints have ended up in the hands of collectors internationally, from local art buyers to acclaimed artists, and even in the collection of alternative rock band, The Pixies.


Shapes, Volume I is available in a limited edition of 34 prints per image. The first twenty-five are 5″x7″ prints, available only in boxed sets (coming soon!). Beyond that, there are five 12″x18″ prints, three 20″x30″ prints, and one custom-sized print available for each image.


One artist’s proof will be produced for each image in each size.