Aptly given as my middle name, Art is at the center of who I am. I make things and images because I’d rather let the work speak than do so myself. Born and raised in the American Heartland, this black sheep has had plenty of room to roam.


I enjoy quiet, and believe that more things can be said with fewer words. I’ve seen firsthand that screaming one’s beliefs only attracts those who already share them. My work is intended to extend a hand rather than raise a megaphone. Subversive art can be subtle.


I was once a musician who married a dancer, and we both became photographers through no conscious choice of our own. Over a decade later, I photograph stories for magazines, she gives women power through her work.


Our studios are in Wichita, Kansas – conveniently located in the middle of everywhere.


Want to see the work in person? Stop by a show or set up a personal viewing in my Old Town studio.